I Want Crazy…

I. Love. This. Song.

It’s such a fun, summertime jam – Cheers to Hunter Hayes.  And CHEERS to my new Blog!

I’m sure while many may not enjoy the ramblings of a tired, third year osteopathic medical student (OMS-III), hopefully there will be someone out there pining for my next update.  So, I guess I should introduce myself.

At this point, I’m actually a well-rested OMS-III out on rotations.  A time when myself and my classmates burst into hospital and clinical settings to apply what we know (which is not much, by the way).  It’s kind of like giving your 16 year old son keys to your new Porsche – you hope you raised him well and that he paid attention in Drivers Ed.  Yes, it’s time to spread our wings and fly.  I’m sure our Dean and professors are sitting on DCOM Hill praying we don’t mess it up.

Seriously though, who am I? Formally, it goes something like this: Non-traditional, Third Year Osteopathic Medical Student.  Short and sweet.  I’m sure there should be some numbers, GPA and class rank, etc. but those don’t matter.  So they say.  Not sure who they are but that’s what they tell me – so I’ll leave those numbers to your imagination.

Here’s MY list, in no certain order: Mother, Wife, Housekeeper, Chef, Taxi Driver, Scrapped Knee Healer, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, and Student.  Just a little longer but that’s okay.  Oh, and I’m also retired.  Say What??  Yea, well, kinda.  I also used to work; I’ve been in the trenches of retail stores and insurance companies.  After that, med school kind of seems like cake (that was a joke).

Okay, so what’s the deal with the song?  (I knew you were thinking that).  There is a line in the song that sums up my last few years perfectly, “I don’t want easy, I want crazy.”  Over the last 2 years, that’s been my life – definitely not easy and chocked full of crazy.

Through my musings, I hope to share with you my life, my school, and my profession – come along for the ride!

Until next time, take care…


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